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Fixed Cost Model

In terms of prices and cost models for development work, the fixed price model works very well for clients whose requirements are well defined and where deadlines are clear. With this model, the client pays a fixed fee for the entire project, which is carefully planned and deliverables clearly established.

Should the client wish to change the scope of work at any stage, they can do so and pay a fixed hourly fee, which we will work out before the project begins. In the event that a client does want to change the scope of the work or the project, they can submit a change request form as per the procedures defined at the outset.

With the fixed cost model, clients are guaranteed that their projects will be delivered on time and within budget. This is because prices, deadlines, and project deliverables are clearly set out when the scope of work is agreed before commencement.

Hiring dedicated developers

With the dedicated developer model, infrastructure, resources, and equipment are reserved specifically for the client by Any hired resources will work exclusively for the client in strict accordance with their requirements. Although this model generally applies for a pre-agreed time period, it does enable the client to take full advantage of our company’s expertise.

The model gives the client full and direct control over any developers they hire, and they will also be able to control the flow of work and overall project. Furthermore, clients can choose the most suitable developers by reviewing a selection of resumes and by conducting interviews before prices per resource are agreed.

Sharing Revenue

This is a unique model offered by More technology service providers are increasingly opting for revenue sharing models where the provider collects a portion of the client’s revenue as a result of improved productivity or reduced processing time. At, we believe that this sharing strategy could be a huge motivator in terms of enhanced productivity and increased revenue from our products.

With the shared revenue model, any client business that has the same vision and values as, wants the best prices, and can see the clear benefits of this type of joint venture, is welcome to partner us. With this arrangement, both parties share the same level of risk and enjoy the same returns for each engagement.