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Google Android is the most successful mobile platform on the globe, installed on the smartphones of more than 1 billion users. As an open marketplace, Google Play makes it possible to deploy Android applications widely and to millions and millions of users across the spectrum of Android methodology devices.

Not only do consumers get a thrill out of using Android, developers love the way it can be programed. Many tools make it possible to develop, debug, and package apps. The open source nature of Android makes it easy to customize and upgrade. It should come as no surprise that the Google Play store has in excess of 1 million published applications!

The current figures show that Android is the fastest growing OS, leaving Apple ®, Windows ® and BlackBerry ® in the dust. Every day millions of users take advantage of the digital content offers that only Android can provide. This number is rising all the time because Android is the best when it comes to developing games and apps.

Android apps development

Our professional team of developers have the talent to develop the kind of custom Android methodology apps that you are going to love. We can develop apps related to business, tools, social networking, shopping, photography, entertainment, medicine, and much more.

Therefore, whether you are looking for an Android app to stay in contact with existing clients or want to capture more of the market, we will create a dynamic app that goes beyond your expectations. We can even take your personal vision and transform it into an app that works with any Android smartphone, Google Nexus, or Google TV.

Why our Android team

We make every effort to stick out from the crowd. We proudly offer Android apps that are:

  • easy-to-use
  • innovative
  • post-launch support

Our developers are experienced in the following technologies:

  • Client-server model;
  • Pixel perfect design;
  • Push notifications;
  • Java for Android Development;
  • Navigation services and Google Maps;
  • Media support methodology;
  • Statistics and social media integration;
  • Integration with any open-source API and social platform;
  • Optimization.

Where to start

Even if the concept for your Android app is not entirely defined yet, we would be glad to hear about your idea. With your general blueprint and our Android experience, you will receive cost effective solutions for Android application development. You are free to select among our expert Android App developers using our hire-dedicated resources.

Our work is transparent and our project methodology is the best, which means you will receive your finished app on your deadline and at an affordable cost. Ask for a free quote for Android App Development Solutions from the best Android App Development Company around!

Creating value for our customers is what we do best. Just send us an enquiry with your ideas about the mobile app you would like developed. You will receive a prompt reply to discuss the details about the proposal and we will even deliver a free price quote with no obligation from your end.

The key to our methodology is in our agility. Using the Scrum approach, we base the app development scheme by priority, organized in terms of project requirements and in fixed duration activity blocks. The individual team members are responsible for choosing the requirements, estimating the amount of time required to complete the sprint, and delivering the tested code.

During each sprint, the team of developers along with the client representative meet on a regular basis to discuss the requirements and progress. This methodology is ideal when the development project requires flexibility (i.e., when the requirements are still being determined or is expected to be changeable over the course of the project). In order to implement this methodology successfully, it is important that the developers are responsible, have experience and are able to communicate effectively.

What does Agility mean for you?

  • Quick reaction times to changing environments and needs using a methodology that has Agility and adaptability.
  • Involving users and stakeholders from beginning to end in order to avoid unanticipated issues and to make product adoption easier.
  • Maximize user productivity, and foster efficiencies and satisfaction with rapid usability reviews.

What does Agility mean for us?

  • Keeping the client happy through timely and continuous delivery of their project.
  • Deliver applications in rapid time, from two to eight weeks.
  • Building projects around motivated individuals.
  • Securing the best, most effective methodology for communicating information to and within the team.
  • Maintaining an on-going excellence approach.