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Facts and Figures

Android Development

Android is an operating system that is based on the Linux V2.6 Kernel with operating environment of Java programming interface. Android uses Dalvik (special Java virtual machine) based on implementation of Apache Harmony Java.

Android support 2D and 3D graphic animation and make use of openGL libraries for data storage. In 2007 Google announced the Android development platform and the Open Handset Alliance along with the first beta version of the Android SDK. The following year, T-Mobile began manufacturing the G1 Android Mobile phone and in 2009 millions of units had been sold.

Android Development Features

  • Android's platform is open sourced, meaning developers are free to create their own original apps for the devices that run on Android.
  • Android mobile phone OS features a multitask development platform, allowing several apps to run on the Android Smartphone at the same time without affecting its performance.
  • Android built device can be custom designed based on the users preferences.
  • The Android Mobile Application Development platform contains a great number of libraries and helpful tools that can be used to create unique, innovative mobile apps.
  • The Android platform with preinstalled tools makes it much easier for developers to create and design function rich Android apps more quickly., an Android application development company based in, has the ability to build a large range of Android app development services from computer games to sophisticated business software. Our Android developers are fully knowledgeable when it comes to Google Android software development kit, enabling them to creating incredible app solutions for our clients.

Android Application development solutions:

  • Android Communication Application Development
  • Wi-Fi and GPS dependent Application Development
  • Android Mobile Game Development
  • Android Business Application Development
  • Android game Development

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