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Education Services

The training course for was originally developed to promote high-quality education services and improve the level of professional competency in IT professionals. Since the very first day the training course was launched, we have successfully prepared dozens of IT developers around the globe to deal with a variety of real-life challenges. We at constantly expand our learning coverage and develop new services and skills. Welcome to and enjoy the process!

Training courses for Android specialists

Our Android Boot camp Training services are designed to help specialists in Android development and deployment develop new professional skills. Our education services include relevant support for IT professionals, who design and deploy mobile applications based on Android. We provide the very basic information to explain the philosophy behind Android development and create a strong foundation for advancing professional application development skills.

Our training course is intended to motivate student to build more sophisticated user-friendly mobile Android applications. Our education services include numerous practice components. As a result, every learner is capable of developing a complete mobile Android application by the end of the training course. The course participants are free to choose an application they are willing to build, as they are completing the course.

Internals Course for Android learners

The Internals course is another element of our education services. This course is particularly interesting and useful to those, who have some experience with Android. The purpose of the course is to help learners expand their expertise and become more competent in creating customized, highly functional applications. The focus of the Internals course is on enhancing professional skills in customized applications development. It provides learners with free and understandable information on how their Android applications will build on the existing platforms. The issues of compatibility are also considered.

Our advanced training course is also incorporated into our education services. It moves Android development specialists to a higher level of expertise and learning. With the help of the course, you will acquire advanced skills and expand your professional knowledge.

For instance, you will learn to include the elements of C/C++ into your Android application. You will see how various Android features and APIs can be effectively used in applications development and deployment. Our education services will make you more confident in your application development skills. You will gradually move towards the point of excellence. You will finally learn how to deal with new and emerging business application demands.

Our company also offers Android security courses to illustrate the most common Android security concerns. In addition, you can plunge yourself into learning the basics of Android security architecture. Among our education services you can also choose courses, which allow you to understand Android essentials and apply them in practice.

We will provide a detailed and comprehensive Android overview to help you understand how it works. This course operates as a simple but extremely useful introduction to Android. It does not really matter if you are a developer or a technical manager. You will always find some useful topics and options among our education services. All you need is a good start!

We have training courses for developers and designers. We know how to improve your basic skills! Learn to navigate through the world of Android with our extensive education services!