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Business Continuity has developed a series of thorough strategies and techniques to ensure business continuity.


The professionals in our IT department can assist with Infrastructure Engineering, Infrastructure Change and Release Management. Team members are on call 24/7 so that they can be alerted about any and all issues related to the functioning of the information infrastructure. This is made possible with the use of cell phones with activated Email2SMS service. This is what business continuity is all about.

Computing Facilities

Our data center includes more than 25 PC (Core 2 Duo Microprocessors) and Mac workstations in addition to 2 servers. All datacenters have air conditioning, UPS power protection systems and fire protection installed. The servers utilize RAID technology for storage (Using Level 1 or Level 5 arrays)

Secondary Internet Connection and Data Exchange

As key component of business continuity, we ensure a dependable Internet connection through internet redundancy. This is accomplished by providing two independent data links with bandwidths of 1 and 4 Mbps. A fiber-optic link with a bandwidth of 1 Gbps is used to connection between the datacenter. We also manage the power supply both by using high-performance UPSes and by utilizing 3 power feeders that operate separately from one other. The internal information infrastructure consists of a Cisco router and telephony technology.

Network Services Reliability

An automatic failover system is utilized for the main network services including email, DNS, development servers, the internet connection, and the active directory. Two backup servers are used for the mail server with one operating in Europe and the other in North America. This safeguards against losing messages that are being received or sent. When it comes to business continuity, this is a must.

Security Management

We have developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures related to our Security Policy: General Network Usage Policy, Sensitive Information Encryption and Exchange Policies. With logon scripts and group policies, we are able to guarantee full compliance.

Staff Vetting

Every candidate for a position at our company undergoes a thorough security check to ensure that they are responsible and trustworthy. Every time we hire a staff member, they are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Our department managers are responsible for keeping track of and resolving security-related issues as this is important for business continuity. Our staff are fully aware of the company security standards and are kept up-to-date through ongoing training.

Physical Security and Access Control

We have put into place a multi-level security check system. Everybody who enters the premises must furnish their ID-badges to the building security staff on the first floor in order to pass through. Before they gain access to the floors where our facilities are locates, they must scan their electronic guard to unlock the door.

We have monitoring cameras installed and an alarm system in our offices to provide another layer of security. Additionally, we hire professional security guards to protect our property. While each data center security system is independent, the entire access control system is managed from a centralized control point.

Customers Data Protection

The security of our client's data is what we do best. Web encryption is done using a 256 bit AES algorithm while a 2048 bit public/private keys pair is used when authenticating. PGP is utilized for encrypting emails while private data exchanges take place under the safety of a SFTP server. This ensures business continuity through full compliance with the ISO standards for info security. In terms of emergency issues, all governmental rules and regulations are fully complied with.

Additional capacities

For software development projects and project monitoring, we utilize virtualization technology based on VMware Server 1.0, VMware ESX Server 3.0 and VMware Infrastructure. This allows us to create a separate working environment for each project, allowing for more efficient and flexible use of resources.

Security Monitoring

The administrative team continuously monitors every process and every important change and issue is tracked and logged for auditing courtesy of Syslog Server.

Backup Process and Disaster Recovery

At, the information life cycle management (ILM) process that we have implemented entails a set of data protection and other activities related to security. Our service is effective for ensuring business continuity because we have taken into account every possible data loss issue, including hardware or software failure, computer infections that result from viruses and malware, and human error. The backup process plan (BPP) provides a clear method for backing up data.